California Day 18

It actually hailed this morning. 

For lack of anything better to do, Linds and I ran errands today.  Our first stop was IKEA in Emeryville.  I’m not really sure how this escaped my attention before, but IKEA is really cool.  You can buy a whole room for under $1000 and all the furniture is really cheap, but it still looks nice.  Linds was looking for a nightstand (which we found) and a chair (which we found, but they were out of).  The whole experience was kind of like being in an amusement park, complete with the mandatory walk through the “gift shop” at the end. 

After that we met up with Lindsay’s friend at this crazy supermarket in Berkeley.  I was overwhelmed both by the number of people (you could barely breathe there were so many) and by the abundance of food.  I’d forgotten that squash was more than just pumpkin, that bell peppers can be bigger than my middle finger or that apples can be small enough so that you could potentially finish one (apples and pears are monstrosities in Japan.  They’re the only things that are bigger there than in America). 

On the way home we found two dogs romping in the street.  Actually, it was more like an uncontrolled mad dash through the street.  Figuring they were lost, we stopped to pick them up only to find that they had bark collars but no tags.  They were pretty dirty, but considering the weather they could have been out for only a couple of hours.  Linds and Kaits (sp?) called the animal shelter and the police – the former was closed for the weekend, the latter couldn’t have cared less, so Linds kept the dogs in her bathroom and gave them some water and fed them some ham (which later ended up ALL over her car).  Thankfully, Linds was eventually able to return them to their family. 

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