California Day 16

I was supposed to hang out with Austin today – well, actually I was supposed to go snowboarding today, but because of the huge storm making it impossible for us to get into the mountains I decided to hang out with Austin. Of course, that got canceled too because the storm was so bad that the bridges were closed as well. Juan was supposed to go back to Arizona today, but he hadn’t even been driving for 30 minutes before his car was pushed off the road by the wind and he was forced to turn around and come back.

Thankfully, BART was still running. Since our snowboarding trip was thwarted, Linds and I decided to spend the entire weekend in Berkeley. I got my hair cut by Jaydee at Art Beat, the salon where they all work. It was totally perfect. It looks and feels a lot healthier and it actually has a style. Although, I am kind of nervous about this “build-up” that apparently needed several washings to get out.

I had dinner with Linds and her co-worker and afterwards she and I watched more Grey’s Anatomy and chatted. Later, we decided we wanted ice-cream and so we went to Cold Stone.

I’m still confused as to what was going on at Cold Stone. The guy behind the counter was staring at some girls outside when I came in and didn’t even look at me when he asked what I wanted. I started to place my order, but I wasn’t even sure if he was listening and so of course things got even more confusing. Finally he stopped me, said he wouldn’t remember my entire order (I was ordering for three people since Linds was trying to find a parking spot) and just started making the first thing I asked for. In a fit of apparent generosity, he told me that he would give me a “Love It” size for the “Like It” price. But only for the first thing I ordered. Linds and my orders would still be “Like Its.”

Except that mine wasn’t even a “Like It!!!” It was a kid’s cup! I feel like you can’t offer to give someone a bigger size for a lower price on one thing and then give them a smaller size for a higher price on another and make it look like you were being nice on the first thing. I mean, it wasn’t that big of a deal since Cold Stone ice-cream is pretty rich and I ended up being glad he had given me a kid’s cup, but it’s still the principle of the thing =P.

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