California Day 15

Today, I went shopping.  Again.  And Kat and Juan went to lunch with Dad so that Kat could introduce Juan and talk about the engagement.

Engagements are happy events that promise a lot to look forward to, but even so, I find it difficult not to be restrained in my excitement.  I’ve grown accustomed to the drifting apart and reuniting that characterizes my relationship with my sister.  Right now we’re in one of those drifting apart phases, and while it saddens me (because I still often get lonely in Japan), I knew that this period would be followed by one of reunion.  But now I feel like she’s gone off in an entirely different direction – a direction I’m not ready or willing to go – and I feel a little as though she’s lost to me.  I suppose we all feel a little like that, and that there’s nothing really to be done about it other than to let her go.

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