California Day 13

Unlike Christmas, New Year’s Day always seems so anti-climatic after New Year’s Eve. I always feel like things are going to be really different, it being a new year and all, but they never are. But I made some New Year’s resolutions anyway.  They are:

1.  To become familiar with all 2000 kanji required to be considered “literate” in Japanese (I’m not pretending I’ll actually learn them or know what they mean or how to write them at the end of this year – the idea is more to just look at them all in a systematic way).

2.  To improve my health and fitness (nothing like a nice generic goal as a reminder that cake is not a breakfast food and if it is, you should at least exercise daily to balance it out).

3.  Read seven non-text books (I say non-text books because at the end of this year, I will once again be a student.  And I say only seven because we all know what being a student does to the time you can allot to reading for pleasure).

4.  Read one of the above books in Japanese (Again, nothing impressive.  I have a book lined up that I meant to read when I first got here.  It’s 93 pages and at a third grader’s reading level.  I’m going to try to get through a page a day).

Today I went up to Fairfield to celebrate the New Year with Dad’s family.  This is something I’ve done pretty much every year of my life and when kids in Japan ask me how Americans spend New Year, I’m honestly at a loss because I celebrate New Year’s basically the same way they do.  This inevitably disappoints them.

My relatives seem well and it was nice to see everyone and catch up.  It’s always good to talk to Joanne and Lowell and I’m really looking forward to seeing them when they come to Japan.

Kat and I were pretty tired by the time we got home and pretty much went straight to bed.

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