California Day 12

I set my alarm for 7:30 because I was supposed to meet Kim and Victo for breakfast at 8.  When it went off, I couldn’t remember why I’d set it so early and turned it off and went back to sleep.  At 8:05 I shot of bed, suddenly remembering that I had somewhere to be.

I got to Victo’s house and she made us breakfast and we gossiped about our siblings and parents and what everyone was up to now.  When Victo first saw me she said that I looked the same, which is funny because later in the day Linds said I looked like I did when she first me me.  It made me wonder if Victo meant that I looked the same as the last time she saw me, or that I looked the same as I do in her memories. 

After Victo’s I went to the mall and did some shopping.  I went up to Lindsay’s in the evening and we spent our time getting ready, drinking and chatting.  Typically we spent hours doing that before hopping on BART at 11:30 to go into The City, only to hop off three stops later to pee outside the West Oakland station (conveniently someone else had already peed there, so we were able to feel slightly more justified).  Not very covert, or classy, but extremely sketchy.   And luckily, we caught a train immediately after (and I mean IMMEDIATELY).  When we finally arrived in SF, we hiked about 10 blocks to meet up with some of Lindsay’s friends at a bar at 11:57.  Good news – no cover.  Bad news – we weren’t able to get our drinks in time to toast the New Year.  We stayed about an hour and a half and then went back to Lindsay’s to watch Grey’s Anatomy.  This was after my sister informed me that she and Juan got engaged. 

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