California Day 11

This morning I woke up dreaming of water and tasting red wine.  I slept next to a girl who was not Linds, but who I thought was Linds because she was laughing in her sleep (which Linds does).  Linds had driven her friend home at 4 in the morning and there weren’t enough beds at her house anyway, so she slept there, but came home to take me home.  We stopped at Jamba Juice and Krispy Kreme.  We bought three doughnuts, but they gave us two free samples.  We thought this was really funny, but maybe you had to be there. 

Later my family and I went to Body Worlds at the San Jose Tech Museum with Juan, Danielle (Kat’s best friend from high school) and Kim.  Somehow I thought the exhibits would be more real, and by that I mean messy, but they were so well-preserved that they had a model-like quality to them.  I suppose that they are models in a way.  The exhibit was really cool – they had done a lot of interesting things with pulling away the layers of skin and muscle and one exhibit had been expanded so that you could see everything in the body all in its proper place.  My favorite was the Ballet Dancer, or perhaps The Angel (her shoulder blades had been pulled away from her body to look like wings).  To me they were the most art-like – they were graceful and seemed to have something to say.  I wish I knew more about the process – how they decide what donors get used for what and in what ways. 

The other exhibit I found to be provocative was one of a five-months pregnant woman.  The fetus was so small, but already it was so well-developed and took up so much room in the mother’s body.  Her organs had already been pushed around and she was beginning to show.  I thought of my own body, how small it seemed when faced with the enormity of bearing a child.  Even if, somehow, a child were to be made to fit inside me physically, it couldn’t possibly fit into my life now once it entered the world. 

After Body Worlds, we went to the other La Victoria’s for lunch.  Then we tried to see a movie, but the movie we wanted to see wasn’t playing in San Jose and so we decided to see it at the Great Mall.  After agreeing to this and splitting up into our separate cars, Kim and I realized that neither one of us actually knew how to get to the Great Mall from 680.  Milpitas is not a big city, and the Great Mall comprises probably half of it, but still we managed to get lost and miss it entirely.  Since Kim needed to be home by a certain time, we abandoned the idea and went back. 

When I got home I took a nap and then got a free 7-day trial pass to 24 Hour Fitness!  I don’t know what I’ll do next week, but maybe I can get another free trial membership someplace else =D

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