California Day 10

Today I met Kim and Richard for lunch, but not before having an encounter with a really bitchy clerk at Victoria’s Secret at Eastridge.  Don’t get me wrong, I love Vicki’s, but this girl’s attitude made me want to reach over the counter and smack her.  I’d forgotten how terrible customer service in America can be.  Luckily for everyone involved I settled on silently willing her to have a very rotten day.

Kim and Richard and I had lunch at La Victoria’s – the one on Santa Clara, not the one on San Carlos.  I was running late (as usual), but Kim made me look good by going to the wrong one and then getting lost and arriving after I did (thanks Kim).  Kim and Richard seem well.  Richard is getting married in March and Kim is “slowly” (her word, not ours) making her way through med-school.  It never ceases to amaze me how easily it is to connect with them even though we don’t see each other very often.  I know it shouldn’t surprise me anymore, but it does.  We laugh so sincerely when we’re together. 

Later I took BART to Lindsay’s in Berkeley.  I met a bunch of her friends, drank too much wine and ate delicious vegan turnovers.  Linds thinks she’s going to move soon, but I liked her place and all of her friends were really fun and easy to get along with.  I was glad I met them because I felt like it gave me a better snapshot or what Lindsay’s life is like now.   She seems happy and I’m happy for her. 

Although, I really should have my cell taken away when I’m drinking.

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