California Day 9

To show my gratitude for DD-ing for me the other night, I took Kat to the Cheesecake Factory at Valley Fair today.  She had a delicious looking salad and I had herb-crusted salmon.  We split a lemon-raspberry cheesecake for dessert.  With full and happy tummies, we then spent an hour trying to fight our flight instinct in Sephora.  A little claustrophobia turned out to be worth it though, as we both found some nifty smokey-eyes eyeshadow kit (complete with instructions) and I restocked on the world’s best foundation (Bare Escentuals) and talked Kat into buying some of her own.

I met Juan for the first time today.  He offered me his hand to shake today and at first I was confused – after all, we’re Facebook friends and I hear stories about him and see pictures of him all the time, why would such a formal gesture be required?  And then I realized that despite feeling like I know him, we’d never actually met before.  I hesitated before taking his hand and now he probably thinks I’m really socially awkward.  Which I guess isn’t necessarily inaccurate.  =P

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