California Day 8

Today I had another doctor’s appointment, this time at Planned Parenthood.  I waited two hours before I was seen (despite having an appointment) but left a donation anyway because I appreciate that they provide free health care for the uninsured.  After that I had lunch with my dad at Elephant Bar.  Somehow I managed to eat my share of both appetizers, two half-and-halfs (lemonade and ice tea), a salad and a bacon cheeseburger as big as my head.  I’m actually still feeling a little sick. 

Dad seems well – he would like to inform the masses that he doesn’t sleep with the golf channel on – he meditates on his game and absorbs tips via osmosis.  He brought in a GIANT bag of Christmas presents, which admittedly, I was embarrassed to carry out, but it did contain a ginormous box of oatmeal, so I sucked it up. 

Kat and I tried to go shopping afterward – I thought it would be quick and easy since I knew exactly what I wanted, as I had done about three weeks of online window shopping prior to my visit home.  However, the stores didn’t have the things I was looking for and I was unwilling to settle for anything else so we came home virtually empty-handed. 

My evening consisted of chatting with Linds on the phone and ordering some stuff I’ve been wanting from Amazon.

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