California Day 7

I woke up early today intending to exercise, but instead I used the extra time to straighten my hair. Then I got my eyes checked out and picked out some rad new frames (thick, black nerdy ones with red and silver detailing on the ear pieces. Oh, and rhinestones), seeing how it looks as though my allergy problems during monsoon season will probably be repeated. With pupils dilated, I hopped in the car and drove, for the first time in over a year, on the freeway.

People drive fast on the freeway in California. And I mean really fast. I know I used to drive even faster and I’d like to apologize now to all the people I made uncomfortable by doing so. I had a death grip on the wheel the entire way down to Burdett’s and I’m sure people thought I was 16-years old taking a driving test with an invisible instructor with all the mirror-checking and signaling and sweating that I was doing. But I made it without getting into an accident and without getting a ticket, and that’s really what counts I think.

I had lunch with Max, Ally, Colleen, Burdett and Franny at Florentine’s, which is an Italian restaurant that I haven’t been to in almost ten years. It was good to see everyone and find out what they were up to, but I wished we could have had a little more time. I guess this is how it’s going to be from now on – everyone caught up in their own whirlwind, stopping briefly to reconnect and then continuing on. As Burdett said, these are the lives we live now.

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