Tanegashima-Inspired Winter Haiku

{Because I can’t figure out how to write in Japanese on this theme and I refuse to write in romaji (although maybe I should; my kana looks like a second grader was doing their homework in a car).}

Outside is the wind.

Inside, no insulation.

Hands – always like ice.


Kotatsu! Savior!

Under you, I find relief.

Warmth. Comfort. Thawed toes.


The cat’s fur thickens.

So, too, do my love handles.

Too cold to workout.


Shochu’s fire keeps

the cold away. Or, so drunk

I do not notice.


Wind. Cold. Runny nose.

Kleenexes fall like snowflakes

into the trashcan.


The fruits of winter:

Strawberry – delish, pricey;

Mikan – by the bag.


Winter’s only food –

nabe. Kim-chi, ponzu. Warmth.

From soup and friendship.

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