Midyear Seminar 2007

Ah midyear…

A place where you can

make new friends…and reunite with old ones…

…reminisce about college…and score hotties (despite not being male, 18, muscley or named Kosuke).

While in Kagoshima, I also went to the movies. Like in a real movie theatre. With popcorn and ginger ale. I think it’s been a year since I’ve done that. Anyway, I saw Resident Evil: Extinction with E (interesting fact – I saw Resident Evil: Apocolypse the last time I was in Japan). It was about on par with the first two – no real plot or character development, but a lot of bad-ass zombie slaying. As we were leaving the theatre, E and I were talking about how the underground bits of the Umbrella Corporation kind of reminded him of the underground subway system in Russia. Then we talked about other instances that might involve some Russian influence. The rest of the conversation went as follows:

E: You know, the main character looks kind of Russian.

Me: Milla Jovovich?

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