Subdomains Are Frickin' Awesome!!

Originally, I was planning on making a separate blog every time I went on a trip. This seemed like a good idea when I had only gone on one trip (South East Asia). But after I started creating another blog for my Yakushima trip, I started to see how this could snowball and how I could potentially end up with hundreds of blogs floating around on the internet. I thought about how many user names and passwords I would have to remember and it made me a little squeamish. That’s when I remembered that AN Hosting gives us 20 subdomains. I didn’t really know what a subdomain was, but using a little etymology (and I’ll admit, Wikipedia. Alhough, after reading that article, etymology proved to be **way** more helpful) I was able to figure it out.

Long story short, I have now consolidated my website. I have a new subdomain that has all of my travel journals (okay, just those from the last two trips), as well as trip summaries broken down by region (this means you can ignore my previous post).

To use the phrase that always infuriated Ms. I – So yeah…check it out!

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