The Poet

In case any of you doubted my Facebook assertion that I get paid a lot of money to sit at my desk and read…

Title: The Poet

Author: Michael Connelly

Synopsis: Denver reporter Jack McEvoy’s brother has just died. The police are calling it just another police suicide, but Jack finds some clues that don’t add up. His investigation into his brother’s death leads him on the hunt for a serial killer. This killer, dubbed “the Poet” because of the lines of poetry from Edgar Allen Poe left at the murder scene, is targeting homicide detectives and making their deaths look like suicides. Jack teams up with the FBI (if you can call blackmailing them into keeping him on the investigation that) as he tries to track down his brother’s killer.

Things That Disgusted Me: Did anyone else know that there are pedophilia networks? The same way that there are discussion boards and support forums for knitters, car fanatics and RPGers, there are the same types of things for pedophiles. That is, of course, if the book wasn’t exaggerating. Apparently, these networks offer pedophiles a place to vent their frustrations at being “persecuted” by society, warn other pedophiles about places (i.e. parks, swimming pools, daycares, etc.) that are being monitored by the police, sell photos of their victims and even find legal representation. Michael Connelly writes about a lot of shit that I could never even imagine, but this one really turned my stomach. The sickest part for me was the bit about the lawyers. I mean, everyone has a right to legal defense, blah blah blah, but to advertise on a pedophilia network?!! I really hope the book was embellishing, but I have a nasty feeling that it wasn’t.

Things That Ruined It For Me: I had already read “The Narrows,” which is the sequel to this book, so I already knew who the Poet was. It didn’t make the book any less interesting to read, but I did figure out how all the pieces to the mystery fit together pretty quickly. On one hand, I did feel kind of proud of myself because this was the first Michael Connelly novel where any of my predictions have been correct, but on the other hand, it was kind of a hollow victory.

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