Elementary School: A Year of Commentary

I keep a big notebook filled with lesson plans for my elementary school visits. After each class, I jot down some notes about how the class went, what worked and what didn’t, what to do next time, etc. Here’s the “best of” for the 2006-2007 school year:

*LOVE THIS CLASS! teacher totally participates/helps with explanations.

*They couldn’t remember the words, but they looked like they were having fun.

*Ichinensei grilled me during lunch. Definitely the least shy group I’ve ever eaten with.

*Color Basket: One girl never found a seat. I couldn’t tell if she was doing this on purpose.

*They raise bunnies and are merciless when playing tag.

*It’s hard to play this game when you’re tired and hung over.

*One kid spends a lot of time sliding around on the floor…what’s that about?

*Asked for my signature on everything they owned.

*He seems pretty sharp even if he is too small to finish his lunch.

*Love the hokey pokey; that’s really what it’s all about for them.

*Little kids are damn near impossible to understand.

*In general, the friendliest kids I’ve ever met. They’d definitely be easy to kidnap.

*omg…I made a kid cry. Well, losing karuta made him cry, but still…

*They would say stuff like, “It’s 100 fruits.” I’d correct them and they’d say, “I’m 100 yen.” I’d correct them again and they’d say, “It’s one fruits yen.” Hilarious.

*Continue to be highly entertained by my ability to outwit them in Simon Says.

*They liked this. More specifically they liked jan-kenning in English for the cards.

*They liked this. I have no idea why. But they did.

*This teacher’s heart is in the right place, but sometimes his English is just WRONG.

*They’re so tolerant! This had to be exhausting for them, but they still got through it like champs.

*I made a girl cry. I don’t know why repeating after me is so difficult and intimidating.

*Lol. They are terrible at telephone. But in an endearing way.

*There’s one boy who I would like to offer up as evidence that weres (people with animal souls) exist. Scratch that. Even animals aren’t this hyperactive. Maybe he’s a were-Stitch.

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