Sam swears teachers like psychotic students

What I wrote Bruce regarding an essay I had just turned in:

Hi Bruce,

I realize this is a really dumb thing to be emailing you about, but it’s really
been bothering me. In my paragraph about Tsuyuko in the essay we just turned
in, I wrote something along the lines of “…to shameless and brazen.” I know
it’s supposed to be “too” – it was just a typo, and I meant to fix it in the
final draft, but then I forgot. So I just didn’t want you to think that I was
wandering around willfully refusing to correct typos – it was a genuine
oversight and I promise to be more careful next time. Anyway, I’ll see you in
class Monday and I hope you don’t think I’m *too* crazy.


What Bruce wrote me in response:

Oh Audrey. Please. Don’t worry about it. I don’t know how many typos have
slipped into my work over the years.

Don’t give it another thought. You worry to much 🙂


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