Ha Richard! Palmistry Goes Scientific!

Okay, so not quite palmistry. But anyway, I have a little exercise for all of you:

1. Look at your hand, palm up
2. Measure from the base of your ring finger (where it connects to the palm) to its tip to the nearest millimeter
3. Repeat with the index finger
4. Which one is longer?

Studies have shown that in general, males have longer ring fingers than index fingers and females have longer index fingers than ring fingers. And it turns out that ring finger length is an indicator of testosterone levels. So in males, the greater the difference between the ring and index fingers, the higher the levels of testosterone. Apparently, studies have shown that increased levels of testosterone give a person a better sense of direction and better spatial perceptiveness. When the scientist in the video I was watching tested this with regard to parallel parking he found that males parallel parked better (i.e. without hitting another car) and faster than females.

At this point, anyone who ever went to Notre Dame is like, “fuck that, I parallel parked every day for 2 years and I’m a pro!” Well check out your finger length. Because parallel parking came pretty naturally for me and my ring and index fingers are nearly the same length (2 mm different). My sister’s are also nearly the same length and she spends her mornings parallel parking her friends’ cars.

On the estrogen side of things, a greater difference between the index and ring fingers in females indicates higher levels of estrogen. And I think that this also equates to better linguistic and communicative skills. I got a little mixed up during the estrogen explanation, so don’t quote me, but I feel like that makes sense, since women are generally able to articulate and communicate their thoughts and feelings better than men. So guys – don’t worry if your ring finger isn’t that much longer than your index finger – it just means you’re a better communicator or that you are more adept at languages.

Anyway, I only watched 15 minutes of this video that was talking about the differences between males and females, so I’m sure there is more to it than all this, but I still thought it was really cool and that I’d share it with you (some of you for the second time).

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