“How come when you’re single all you see are couples, but when you’re with someone all you see are hookers?”

I was in the library reading – okay that’s a lie, I was looking out the window – and I saw a guy and a girl walking along the path. I thought they were holding hands, but then the girl fell behind the guy. I thought maybe that when he had passed her I had only imagined them holding hands. But there was something unmistakably familiar about the body language of the girl – it was the slow step of someone who has turned their thoughts inward. Moments before she had been accessible – you could have felt comfortable saying “hi” to her in passing. But then, suddenly she had withdrawn. I wondered if maybe she and the guy had been holding hands and that now they were fighting, but he was already several paces ahead of her and they didn’t seem to be talking. But then he turned around with a gesture of exasperation and seemed to say something to her. And then her walk changed. And you could tell she had come back from wherever she was.

I finally made it up to the mountain this weekend. While we were riding the lift to the bunny slope, I spotted a couple in the chair ahead of us snuggling together despite the heat (that’s right – it was HOT for a while yesterday). When their turn came to get off the lift, you could hear the guy giving words of encouragement – that’s right, just look straight ahead, baby. After Linds and I disentangled ourselves from the heap we ended up in at the bottom of the lift ramp, she grinned at us, sympathizing with our plight. We saw them periodically throughout the day – always on the green slopes, always together, always with big smiles and words of encouragement. Use your heel edge – like this – to turn. You almost made it this time. You’re doing great, baby. There was no teasing or frustration in his voice as they made their way down the mountain. A genuine feat considering the potential delicacy of the situation.

I was watching the unapproved Mork & Mindy story on TV one night. It was weird to see someone playing Robin Williams, who is still alive and still a very present figure in Hollywood. At any rate, like most success stories, Robin had difficulty dealing with his newfound fame and turned to drugs and groupies, which ultimately resulted in his wife leaving him. In one scene he begs her to come back and she says she never really left. He bends down to kiss her and she returns his kiss. It wasn’t Shakespeare in Love or Cruel Intentions, but you could feel the relief. The relief of kissing familiar lips and finding safety and shelter in the person he truly loved.

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