Buddhism Notes

“To have personality hurts” – Alan

The Buddhists think that life is a big mistake and we need to get out of it. But the only way to get out is to reach nirvana. And the only way to reach nirvana is to be incarnated as a human and practice Buddhism. So maybe life isn’t such a big mistake after all?

Buddhism as an environmentally friendly religion: “It’s just so quiet and unassuming…” “the Buddha attained enlightenment under a tree…” “but don’t Buddhists want to get out of this world, not improve it? Why do we want it to be an environmentally friendly religion?” I don’t want that. I’ve been doing the reading. I’m totally disenchanted with this whole Buddhism thing. Nature has a feminine feel to it – Mother Earth, the womb of the world – and if Buddhists liked nature, I feel like they’d like women too. But they don’t. I bet they use women to set trees on fire.

“People aren’t like carrots. They aren’t orange on the outside and orange on the inside.” – Alan

Patriarchy is transcendent – the religious discourse of the unseen.

Buddhism is the inner-tube of samsara.

There is no now. Things disintegrate moment to moment. When you’re speaking, by the time you get to the end of the sentence, the beginning is gone. So why do we even listen to each other? Good question.

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