Not To Be Weird Or Anything

“Bicolor damselfish are a common, sexually monomorphic Caribbean reef fish (Randall, 1968) in which both males and females defend permanent territories (Myrberg, 1972; Schmale, 1981). Reproduction follows a lunar cycle with spawning beginning a fw days before the full moon and ending a few days after the new moon (Knapp RA, unpublished data; Robertson etal., 1988).” – Knapp and Kovach, 1991

Even these damn REEF fish are more Druid than I am with their lunar reproductive cycles. It’s just not fair.

In other news, I discovered why all Japanese girls are pigeon-toed. It’s from walking around in skirts and trying to keep their leg warmers on.

Sorry, I know. Not the world’s best comeback to writing. I’ll work on it.

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