Walking In The Land of Faerie

Surely jet-lag can’t last this long. Nearly three weeks spend at home and I have not had to fill up my gas tank once. I still have just under a half of a tank left. I’ve finally stopped going to bed at 3 am only to be woken up by my sister or mother at 3 pm. Now I barely sleep at all. I lay down and my eye-lids flutter as I try to will them to stay closed. I suppose it’s the three hour long naps during the day. And I can’t focus. At all. For some reason my mind can’t exercize the control over my body and spirit that it usually does. I think about everything and nothing at all.

In this book I’m reading, when Gawen deserts the Roman army, the Faerie Queen takes him into the world of Faerie to protect him from the legions that are hunting him. He spends only six days in Faerie, but six months has passed in the real world when he returns to Avalon. That is how I feel. I move about as if in a trance. I do everything without really understanding how. Instinct drives me. I know that when my journey started, I was headed home. But now I don’t remember where it is or how to get there or even why I’m looking for it. I just know I need to find it.

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