More Proof That Japan Is Infact the Magical Kingdom of Narnia

For a long time now I have come to the conclusion that Japan is not actually part of the real world and that when I tell all of you of my life abroad you will all say, “but you were gone only a moment. And why were you hanging out in your closet?” Anyway, sometimes at the train station when you put your ticket in the wrong way, a man in a brown suit magically appears (no joke…this guy comes out of nowhere) to rectify the situation. Well today, I witnessed something even more amazing. Someone was trying to buy a ticket at the machine, but the machine wasn’t working and then suddenly, the wall next to the machine opens up and a man pops his head out to instruct the buyer to go to the next machine over. And just as suddenly as he appeared, the door closed and he was gone. Along with any traces that a door had even existed. And all I’m left thinking is, “I want my fucking sock back.”

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