Old Friends, Bookends

A few weeks ago, I noticed that December 11th is on a Saturday this year, which I thought was cool since I started going out with Justin on Saturday, December 11, 1999. I remember it was a Saturday because it was the same day as his Winter Ball. And then I realized that that’s how you know when you’ve known someone a long time – when the date that you met them is on the same day that it was when you originally met them, since it only happens every five or six years. This revelation, put in the context of Justin, somehow made me feel a little old. Even without all the years we knew each other as kids, we have been through a lot together and our relationship has grown and changed over the years. And when I think of everyone I have known longer than Justin, I find that the same thing is true. We are already at a point where we can sit on the porch and talk about how the world has gone to hell and remember, with longing, more innocent times. I feel that my relationships with everyone have gotten somehow more mellow, but also more dynamic. I suppose that this is because when you’ve known a person for a short time, you’re always finding out something new about them. But when you have known that person for a long time, you may have heard all their stories, but you are still learning to appreciate some of the more subtle aspects of their personality. Perhaps it is my approaching departure and return that has caused this onslaught of “making memories mode” -esque reflection. At any rate, it has made me feel as if we have already lived a very long time.

In other news, last night, for a few brief moments my head cleared long enough for me to look around and really appreciate that I was having a good time with good people. As I watched all of us dancing – some with drinks in-hand, others with cigarettes, some in fast, jerky movements, others in sexy, fluid motions, but all of us smiling and belting out song lyrics – I swore in that moment, “we were infinite.”

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