Last Time kara Now made

On The Train So my friends and I are sitting on the train when this mentally disabled woman come up to Erin and starts petting her face and hair and telling her how “kawaii” she was. The rest of us meanwhile, were snickering to ourselves. Then, she moved on to Mary and the snickering was elevated to giggling and even the woman on the bench across from us joined in. The woman skipped over James (he being a man and it being taboo for members of the opposite sex to touch each other in public in Japan), and went to Elaine. And then she decided she really liked Elaine because she asked to sit down and when I moved closer to Elaine, she pushed me out of the way and sat between us. I’ve decided that this is some sort of backhanded compliment since she was obviously interested in the gaijin girls and thought that I looked sufficiently Japanese so as not to be worthy of molestation. This of course changed after she got a better look at my face.

International Beauty Pageant Kaori and I were watching an International beauty pageant and the women were coming out dressed in clothes native to their home country. First of all, I would like to point out that there was a representative from the United States AND Hawaii. So, question – when did Hawaii secede from the Union? After I had bitched about this for a little while, I was like, “wait, what will [Miss] USA wear? Jeans?” Kaori thought that was really funny, but honestly, jeans would have been better because Miss USA came out wearing – that’s right, you’ve guessed it – a mock Pocahontas outfit. How embarrassing. But not as embarrassing as the fact that Miss United Kingdom was totally incapable of saying anything more than the same two or three sentences over and over again.

Inebriation 2 Moscow mules, 2 lemon sours, 1 fuzzy navel, 3 beers, 3 (or was it four?) Tequila sunrises and half a night’s sleep on the floor of my friend’s apartment, and I’m surprisingly genki. I have, however, come up with a new rule: If you’re so drunk that you can’t count out the change for your next drink by yourself, then you shouldn’t be having another drink. The second part of this rule is that if you start insulting your friend’s nose (which you have actually always liked) by referring to it as the nose of a “tengu,” and then start requesting that they allow you to become a warrior Druid, you need to stop asking that friend to buy you drinks.

“I have drank the blood of the Dragon and I will rise again from the ashes stronger than before”

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