Katherine’s Birthday & Beyond

Some conclusions I’ve drawn:

1. It is possible to fall asleep while standing in the shower (“I’m just going to lean against the wall and close my eyes for a little bit…”)

2. It takes approximately 2 hours to work up the courage to do karaoke (mind you now, the session is only 2 hours long)

3. Ramen is the greatest food ever (especially at 6 AM)

4. A huge towel dries faster than underwear (granted a towel is designed to dry quickly, but come on)

5. Katherine can make anyone dance (no matter how bad their legs hurt or how tired they are)

6. Oneechan-syndrome exists in all languages and cultures (inequality among siblings knows no bounds)

7. The Indian guy in the Indian restaurant located in Japan speaks English just fine (even though it took 10 of us muddling through our orders in Japanese before we discovered this)

8. Koreans, tons of drinks, a half-pitcher of beer and more drinks do not mix (::crosses arms in an X:: dame! abunai!)

9. Pants smell really bad after you’ve been in a smokey bar dancing all night (so does just about everything else)

10. James is love (and I hope something really, really good happens to him)

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