Here’s a drinking game for all of you alcoholics out there:


For reference: Tako = octopus, Ika = squid, Ichi = 1, Ni = 2, San = 3, Yon = 4, Go = 5, Roku = 6, Nana/Shichi = 7, Hachi = 8, Kyu = 9, Ju = 10

1. Everyone sits down in a circle with their drink in front of them
2. One person starts by saying “ichi” and placing one of their hands on the opposite shoulder (e.g. right hand on left shoulder). Whichever way their hand is pointing indicates whose turn is next.
3. The second person says, “ni” and puts one of their hands on their shoulder. They can send it to the next person, or they can send it back to the first person. This is the general gist of the game except for some a few “special numbers.”
4. If you mess up, you have to take a drink and the game starts over (e.g. if you are sitting to someone’s right and they point left, but you say the next number, you have to drink. You can try to fool people by looking one way and pointing another).
5. Special numbers: 4, 8, 10. Never say “yon.” If you say “yon,” you take a drink. Just point in whichever direction you like, but don’t say anything. For 8, you make an “equals sign” with your arms and say “takohachi” (because octopus have 8 legs). Whichever hand is on top indicates which direction you’re pointing. For 10, you make a little hat with your hands and say “ikaju” (because squid have 10 legs). You can then pass it to anyone in the circle you want (by pointing at them with both hands when you say “ikaju”).
6. Then the game starts all over again.

Notes: This game can be played in any language; I just happened to learn it in Japanese. If you want to be fair, it might be a good idea to play in a language everyone can count to 10 in. Or you can be a bastard. It’s really up to you. Also, a “drink” can be a sip, or it can be your whole glass. It depends on how masochistic you are.

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