Properly aerated feet

I don’t care how excited you are to go somewhere, no amount of excitement can overcome sleep-deprivation, hunger and language-barriers. I have to admit that during my first few moments in Japan I wanted to kill everyone. But mostly I just wanted to take off my socks. You might not think it, but having properly aerated feet (or not) can have a drastic effect on my mood. Now that the socks are gone and I’m lying on a nice comfy bed in a cheap, but clean, hotel, the excitement is starting to sink in. Either that or I’m experiencing a few brief moments of euphoria before I fall flat on my face from exhaustion.

Things are of course, different here. Everything comes travel-size, green tea is served everywhere and they drive on the left side of the road. Things are compact, but clean. There’s a little card in our hotel room from the person who cleaned it. Their name is Noguchi. “Roughly translated, Noguchi means ‘no mouth,’ which is probably why they wrote the card,” is what Austin has to say about it. I generally concur, but I also think it’s interesting that someone actually takes responsibility for keeping the place clean.

Also, I never really realized just how often I say “thanks” until I had to start replacing it with “arigatou gozaimashita.” In fact, it’s the only Japanese I’ve used so far. Unless bowing every time I say it counts as “using Japanese.” Tomorrow I take my first real look at Japan. And I have to say I’m pretty excited. And I’m really glad I brought my Chacos.

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