The Fukushi Family

Today I got an email telling me who my host family is going to be. My family consists of a grandfather, a grandmother, a mother, two daughters (both my age), and a dog. The grandfather likes fishing and traveling and the grandmother likes traveling and having parties with her friends (I totally can’t wait to see these parties). The mother likes to ski, scuba dive, travel and watch movies. Both daughters play the piano and the oldest one likes to swim. No info on the dog unfortunately. And I’ll have to take the bus and the subway to school. I’m excited to meet these people and now it might be easier to buy gifts for them, but I’m also scared to death. In all honesty, it’s the daughters I’m most worried about. People have very little tolerance for 20-something-year-olds not being able to take care of themselves. Children are forgiven when they can’t take care of themselves because of their age. But I look like an adult and can’t even read the signs in a train station (I need to find myself a damn good kanji dictionary). I just worry that older host-siblings will be less likely to be patient with my child-like helplessness (either that or they’ll take full advantage of it and get me into a lot of trouble =D ). I guess what it really comes down to is that I’m worried they won’t like me. And this bothers me because I am so close to my own family, in particular, my sister. My sister will go anywhere with me. It doesn’t matter why or for how long, she’s just along for the ride. It’s like having a best friend that’s always on-call. We go everywhere together so that we don’t have to go alone. I suppose that because they are called my family, I’m kind of expecting to have the same relationship with them as I do with my own family, which is of course impossible. On a different, but related note, now that I know which family I have been placed with, they have become real. Before they were just a family and now they are individuals with different names and hobbies and personalities, which automatically makes me care more about them and be more concerned about where I’ll fit into their dynamic.

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