For The Record

For those of you who have been diligently waiting for the next installment of my journal, here it is: My computer is broken. More specifically the USB ports are shot. This means that either there’s something wrong in the actual ports, or there’s something wrong with my motherboard. Someone once told me that there are three truly terrible things that can happen to your computer. I only remember the first two which were that your hard drive or mother board could call it quits. I can’t remember the third thing, but seeing how I’ve already experienced the other two, I’m hoping I never have to be reminded. Anyway, my point is that I won’t be around a computer very often for a while, so if it’s really important, don’t ask me if I’ve read your journal or my e-mail. Because I haven’t. Just give me a call. Oh and buy Mac ::bows in deference to Victo and Austin::

And also, for the record:

1. When headed North on I-5 from LA, there comes a point when I-5 junctions with 99. Stay to the right if you want to stay on I-5.

2. My mom house-sat for Joan Baez, not Joni Mitchell.

3. On Saturday night we went to the beach in Santa Monica (that’s for you, Richard).

4. Kristen takes up all the horizontal space in the bed when she sleeps. She also steals the covers.

5. It’s okay to permanently be in “making memories mode” (“Is this a picture-taking excursion?” “Of course, isn’t everything?”)

6. Kim will tell you when she has a significant other.

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