A not-so dire ending

::sigh:: So much to write about, so little will to do so.

Thursday: Dinner with Austin – nummy. BART ride home – fun. Riding my bike home in the dark – probably a bad idea. Listening to two men talk about perspective in relationships, skin moisturizers and hair thinness/thickness – hilarious. Getting sunburned while doing it – painful.

Friday: Getting 6h of sleep – really really bad (I know some of you would kill for 6h, so I appeal to Kim for sympathy). Class – intense. Sarah McLachlan concert – amazing (she has such a beautiful voice and it was such a pretty show). Amanda’s Birthday Party – informative.

Saturday: Sleeping in – better than ice cream. Getting a parking ticket – meh. Eating pie crust with cinnamon on it – better than sleeping in. Planning the first two weeks of our trip to Japan – exciting! Finding out that our parents are leaving us alone for a whole week – shocking. Bang Bang, You’re Dead – like Elephant, but with a not-so-dire ending.

So, about that movie. Bang Bang, You’re Dead tries to make everything “all right” at the end, whereas Elephant leaves the audience without answers or hope. For those of you unfamiliar with either of these movies, they’re about kids who are bullied and tormented by other students so much that they snap and go on a killing spree. Or in the case of Bang Bang, You’re Dead, *almost* go on a killing spree. At any rate, I’m not so sure that feeling “all right” about this stuff is realistic. At the end of the movie, you get the sense that there has been/will be a reconciliation/understanding between the angsty outcasts and the jocks. I honestly don’t think that this happens in real life. After Columbine, everyone blames bullying and teasing for what happened. Sure, it makes people aware of what’s going on, but it doesn’t necessarily stop it. And then, when these computer game players and chess-club members finally put a gun to someone’s head in an effort to make it stop, their freakiness level goes up ten-fold. No one says, “oh, my dead child obviously deserved to be shot in the head for being the asshole that they were.” Instead they say, “that kid listens to Marilyn Manson and plays violent video games. Their parents didn’t take an active enough role in their life. They’re a freak.” I realize this movie was written by a parent of a child whose school had had a school shooting and that as such they want to hold out hope that by making people aware of what’s going on in the hallways, people will change. Generally, I agree with this idea. I’m just not holding my breath that the social hierarchy will change any time soon.

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