I guess you had to be there…

I was looking through my journal today (which took, you know, like forever, because I have so many entries) and I was noticing that my little mood indicators are a little less than exuberant. Then when I was looking through the entries I realized that they are also less than exuberant. So I set out to change that by recounting some event from yesterday (in SF with Linds) or today (in Berkeley with Austin) that illustrated just how good the last two days have been. ::sigh:: I had to start this entry over twice. For some reason I just have a lot of difficulty expressing good feelings. I just don’t feel like “it was so much fun doing [fill in the blank]” really paints a good picture of how much fun [blank] was. And the funny stories just aren’t as funny in the retelling. I guess you had to be there. I think the reason I have so much trouble expressing good feelings in words is because I never really have to. People always want “to talk” if they think I’m acting weird, even if I swear to them that nothing’s wrong. So I think I’ve had a lot of practice trying to make people understand how I feel when I’m sad or lonely or angry or frustrated or stressed or hungry or whatever, but not a lot of practice with making people understand how I feel when I’m excited or happy or thankful or impressed or silly, because nobody ever wants “to talk” when I am those things. But during those times, it’s not really important to talk, I guess. Laughing so hard I have to pee, or smiles that make my mouth hurt, or hugs that seem to last forever are enough. To explain; no, there is too much; to sum up, the last two days have been
HAHAHAHAHAHAHAheeheeheeheeheesgtrwplolheeheehee HAHAHAHAHA
::runs to pee::

(And a big shout out for ice cream, I mean Justin, on his 20th birthday – before you gloat, you’ll also turn 50 before me, too)

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