And thus begins the act of imposing my life on you…

Well, to state the obvious and reiterate my subject line – I’ve created a live journal! I actually created it a couple of days ago and I’m sorry to all of you who feel betrayed that I didn’t make a post sooner ::cough::Austin::cough::, but everything on Audrey-time (which we all know is slower than normal-time). I would like to point out, however, that I’m not in Japan yet. “Duh,” some of you might be thinking, but I have been telling everyone that I was going to start one of these things for my Japan trip so you guys could read about what I was doing and see pictures and junk. My point being, sometimes Audrey-time runs faster than normal-time.

So I think I gave myself some new bruises this morning. Like most things in my life, the getting of them was rather lame and involved my nemesis. Without going into details, on Friday, my bike and I decided to test the grass near the driveway for softness, resulting in a then-unrealized puncture in my front tire. Then, this morning I face-planted on my driveway (once again on my not-so-trusty steed) and instead of thinking, “hey, I wonder why that happened,” I thought, “so I guess this is going to be an every-day occurrence,” and got up and continued my ride to BART. It wasn’t until I was half-way there that I noticed I had a flat. Oh well. Then, between the Ashby and Downtown Berkeley stops, I stood up to get my stuff ready and just as I was bending down (with one hand on my bike) to pick up my bag, the train drastically slowed down for no apparent reason and I was sent sprawling onto my bike in the middle of the car. The people on BART were rather nice and made genuine attempts at not laughing and I think you all should take your cue from them and try to do the same.

For curiosities sake: Just how red does my background look to you? I’m trying to decide if I should make it a more obvious maroon.

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